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These are some of the places I love to feature and shop at myself.

Be sure to check out these shops that I have or will be featuring in my blog. Click on each picture to be taken to their online shops. Happy Fashion.

Shop Charlotte Russe

Francesca’s Collections”

Famous Footwear

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Sullen Clothing

Cashmere in Love


Can I get that in a size 6??? 

We know that number, or one similar, it’s one we either want to be, use to be or even tell ourself that we are. But let’s face it, sizes are so confusing when it comes to women’s clothing. 

There are woman that will refuse to even shop for clothing because of those numbers on their clothes. If it’s big number it always seems to be depressing; but does it have to be? 


What’s in a number? They are just clothes right? If you were able to know how to dress your body, no matter what the number says would you shop more? Then comes the question; Where do I shop for my size? 

It can take some time to find the right store for you but the plus size fashion world is starting to really open up.  These stores have available sizes starting in 1XL and up. 

Charlotte Russe




These four stores are ones that I enjoy shopping at with really good prices; shopping online can be a breeze and they are the ones I find the most trendy and fashionable. 

While you’re looking through the pages of some of the sites you are probably seeing unfamiliar numbers. 0’s, 4’s and yes a 6. I have noticed that in recent years many plus size fashions have gone away from using the much disliked 3X, 5X etc. They are taking their sizes to single numbers. Now with someone who has never shopped plus size if you tell someone you wear a size 2 they may not know that technically that is a 2X or what that store corresponds that too. So don’t get mad if they bring back the wrong size; the probably really didn’t know. 

MIND-BLOWN! So where does that leave you? I can’t stress enough shopping for clothes being bigger can be a massive headache. But once you learn the designer, store or retailer that you enjoy you can shop without trying on the item. 

Another trick, know your actual measurements. I try and keep myself measured once every 6 months or if I know my body hasn’t changed any once a year. Our bodies are constantly changing with age, physical activity, having kids. By knowing your basic measurements shopping can be so much easier. Especially when you are online and you see those size charts. This will also help you if your shopping and an item says it runs small and you can see the actual measurements. Can I say a life saver


So don’t give up the fight, the plus size/curvy fashions are finally being seen and we are being noticed. If you want to learn more about body shapes, styles, tips in the curvy fashion world be sure to follow this blog; GlamMom2Boyz 

Stay you, stay glam and always tell yourself,

I love me, some ME 


Aka: GlamMom2Boyz 

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These boots are made for walking… Right?


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We can not have fall without boots. I love boots, I think I am more excited about wearing boots than actual clothing this fall. I promise I wont be a nudist with just boots on but that is just so you get my excitement.

I have gone through a line of boots from Famous Footwear, Francesca’s and Charlotte Russe as my top boots to have this fall. Let me know what you think.

*All links are clickable by picture

A2 by Aerosoles Women’s Octave Medium/Wide Booties (Dark Tan) – Size 6.0 W $69.99

Franco Sarto Women’s Henrietta Wide Calf Riding Boots (Black Leather) – Size 8.5 M $188.99

Buckled Riding Boots $32.89

Lace-Up Riding Boots $30.09

XOXO Bennington Wedge Ankle Boot – Tan $54

It’s a new beginning of the season for me. I usually don’t even go for booties/ankle boots but they have been calling my name something fierce also with a  range of colors. Instead of sticking with a black or chocolate brown. Going lighter in both spectrums with grays and creams/tans.

Cheers to the boot or maybe should I say heel clicks.

As always stay glam, stay you and always tell yourself…
I love me, some ME!
Aka: GlamMom2Boyz
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Shine bright, or not?


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So what did you think of the fall trends hitting 2018? Something you can get on board with? As I have said before, this fall is the first time I have been excited and ready to take it on. I even have a pumpkin scent in my Scentsy pot. Yeah and that’s a huge jump for me. Still not on that pumpkin latte craze though.

So let’s take a look at tackling this shiny suit trend. Yes I am calling it the shiny suit trend. I have noticed it’s really taking off because I am seeing more and more metallic and not exactly bling but definitely just flat out shiny.

The look here is a layer able jacket from Charlotte Russe that of course you can take off but don’t get too close to the bon fire; that could be an accident waiting to happen. The top has a checked print in blue/black/white. This is another item I’ve taken from the “dress” department and brought it on over to wear in both seasons pieced together with these skinny jeans.  To keep it flowing with the layering I went with a nice tall boot from Famous Footwear.

Plus Size Metallic Hooded Parka Jacket $30.09

Plus Size Plaid Button Up Shirt Dress $23.09

Plus Size Refuge Hi Rise Skinny Jeans $25.89

A2 by Aerosoles Women’s Stonewall Tall Shaft Boots (Black Fabric) – Size 12.0 M $99.99

Shea Cat Eye Sunglasses in Black – Black $14

Eleanor Soft Vegan Leather Tote – Black $58

I am personally still on the fence with the full blown metallic look but I for sure feel like it’s better done in some accessory piece. Either a bag or jacket of some sort; compared to pulling off the entire jumpsuit look. I’ve never been scared of prints because they are so easy to color block with a  good accent color so that I have in the bank.

Now that fall is officially here what are you most excited for?

As always stay glam, stay you and always tell yourself….

I love me, some ME.


aka: GlamMom2Boyz

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Are you apart of the Fall 2018 trends?


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With every season there seems to be a new high fashion trend going around. With NYFW just ending we can feed off of some of those designers and what they were going for.

We always wonder though, well at least I do, who starts off what the trend will be for the season. Now this might be something obvious and my mom brain just took over but who knows.

For myself, a trend is a guideline. I’ll take a look at it and I will either incorporate it or just be like, naw… I’ll go where the wind blows. These fall trends for 2018 have my eye like a deer in headlights. They are definitely things that I can get on board with. Although fall time has yet to get me on the pumpkin train.

We will be taking a look at the following must have/do fall trends for 2018:

Prints: plaid, gingham and animal print are big ones.

Shine: those 80 metallic’s

Layering: there may have been some over layering on some runways but we got the point.

Bright colors: hint of the 90’s flair

Men’s style jackets: the blazers with some shoulder pads are back.

For me this is like, how is this fall? I’m use to brown, ivory, black… BLAH but fall seems to be stepping up and this can make an easy transition from summer to autumn. With bright colors; it’s not like all over bright colors but more so hints here and there when you are wearing a print to color block or tie it in. Check out my previous blog with just my red top but I was layering with black and a print and a hint of shine with my pleather leggings.

Plus Size Holographic V Neck Romper $25.89

I have never been big on men’s fashion but done right on the female body the men’s blazer/jackets are a hit. Tailored to the female frame, in any size, but has the basic shape of when you see it, it looks more like men’s wear is highly flattering on a woman frame.

Plus Size Striped Double Breasted Blazer $30.09

Most of these trends are 2 for 1 deals. With the blazer you are getting that look but also layering, if you get a metallic you are hitting that with some color. The prints usually have some type of color so that is a 2 for 1 right there. So you don’t technically have to layer on so much to where you are uncomfortable. Or just way to clashy because for me there is still a point to where you just have to say, okay I can stop now or take away some things. But then again fashion has no rules; as long as you are comfortable, feel flattered and are wearing the clothes and the clothes aren’t wearing you. I say you are Gucci.

Plus Size Faux Leather Leggings $18.89

This was fun to look at what was coming down the runway but also take a look at some Milan or Paris runway shows. If you have followed the history of fashion or are intrigued overseas are way ahead of the western hemisphere. We are just now trying to catch up. What they do with fabric is highly interesting to tell a story. Do you prefer the everyday fashion or taking a look at the high fashion runway shows?

As always stay glam, stay you and always tell yourself…

I love me, some ME!


Aka: GlamMom2Boyz

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Fall just isn’t ready.


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Well here in the midwest we thought fall was coming but… summer isn’t ready to give up just yet.

By all means summer can stick around as long as it wants to. I’m not a fan of cold weather. 👎🏾

But for once when September hit I was ready to start layering and pulling out my fall decorations. Mother Nature just decided to say, naw here is some 90+ degrees have fun with that.

But no matter what mother nature’s decides I’m pulling out what I can. Because we all know when it finally gets here we will be begging for summer.

Another great local Goodwill buy. Literally every I wore from pictured above is from Goodwill. They have been really hitting it hard; well more so the warehouse.

Layering, print and a hint of edge added with color is a fall trend for 2018. Keep an eye out as I’ll look more in depth on what the runways showed for the fall 2018 things to follow.

As always stay glam, stay you and always tell yourself…

I love me, some ME!


Aka: GlamMom2Boyz

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Okay, seriously. Fall is around the corner.


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Check out famous footwear for some fall kicks 15% off + BOGO with code: KICKBACK. Valid 8/30-9/9.

Charlotte Russe is getting you ready for fall. Shop now.
Shop Long Denim for $25 Online and In-Store at Charlotte Russe. Valid 9/4 through 9/9.

By-passing the last post. It’s not that I want to follow the “trends” but I’m putting myself to the challenge of can I do the fall attire that normally comes with the season. If I can make it cute and comfortable. I have a hard time finding long sleeves and sweater comfortable; then I will give it a try.

Now I am, as I’ve said before a very colorful person and the fall trend actually has some colors, prints and a bit of color so I can def make this work.

Shop this entire look from 1XL-4XL by clicking on links/pictures from: Charlotte Russe, Torrid and Francesca’s.

Plus Size Metallic Faux Leather Moto Jacket $19.99

Plus Size Floral Peplum Top $ 20.99

Refuge Destroyed Straight Leg Jeans $14.99




Black Slouch Faux Suede Knee Boot (Wide Width & Wide Calf) $69.90

At this moment you’re probably looking at the screen like….. okay, that’s not fall. Well now hold your britches it’s technically still summer so cut me some slack. Lol but really, this look can be used as that slight transition into fall.

What’s trending: floral prints, metallic wear, layering.

So with that alone we covered 3 of the fall 2018 trends that you’ll be seeing a lot more of. There are more and I can’t wait to see what looks this fall will bring.

Have you seen some of the fall 2019 trends? Which are you more pulled to?

As always stay glam, stay you and always tell yourself…

I love me, some ME!


Aka: GlamMom2Boyz

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Just kidding. I can’t let go of summer


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I know, the last post I was so ready to bring on fall. I think it just comes in spurts and then I’m back to my brights and florals.

I’m not ready to LET IT GO 😩!

I’m a bright colors, short sleeve open toe shoe girl. The boots, the browns and darks; oh my. But I’ll get this out of my system this weekend.

I took these old Charlotte Russe pants that I loved, but they were now too small and so small last time I wore them I blew wholes in them at my thighs and hips. So NOT kidding.

So I took them apart in an attempt to make a skirt. Well because of the lack of fabric around these mamma baring hips I had to improvise. So I took to my dress form and made more of a skirt wrap. It’s kind of a high low but with a twist of you could so.

I then went and made some leggings. Yeah I could have just bought some but where is the fun in that because they aren’t anything really special.

See what I mean, so not fall 🤣 but you know what this is okay.

So many times I see others and even myself beating myself up or always thinking about how I should be embracing the changing season and go with it.

This is fashion, yes there are color appropriate times but where is the fun in that to keep falling with the crowd. I will have my fall attire but when I am feeling bright I’m gonna bring some sunshine to someone’s day. Because here in the midwest when the gloomy days hit they can be hard to get out of.

So let me know what you think of this look and have you been able to transform an old clothing item into something? Let me know down below in the comments.

If you want to see a quick process of me making these items check out the YouTube video here:

Repurposing old pants

Stay glam, stay you and always tell yourself,

I love me, some ME!


aka: GlamMom2Boyz

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Layer with hards and softs


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As I have said earlier in the week, layering this fall is in. Along with shiny materials and plaids, lots of plaids with a mixture of ginghams.  I am playing around with hards and softs for this look.

This is a look you can wear in the fall with the mustard colored dress; yes it is a dress. This is how you can utilize your closet all year round.  Then by adding on the plaid moto jacket I have now given this dress a character. It’s added some body to the look but kept it cut short as we don’t want anything longer than the dress.

I could have kept it soft and easy going, but I added a hard aspect with the faux leather joggers, burgundy tassel necklace and an off white studded satchel.

Shop the items or the entire look from Charlotte Russe, Francesca’s, GsLovesMe and Torrid.

Shop each individual look linked:

Plus Size Off The Shoulder Skater Dress

Plus Size Houndstooth Moto Jacket

Kennedy Tassel Fan Pendant Necklace – Burgundy

Lillian Natural Magnetic Bracelet – Champagne

Grey Stud Line Crossbody Satchel $39.67



black joggers

Black Faux Suede Slouch Bootie (Wide Width) $48.67

torrid boot

I’m telling you right now, this look is being added to my shopping cart. I’m loving the color and the layering can be for the office and on a warm night out take it off and you have a nice date night attire.

What’s your color choice for the fall? Brown, burgundy, mustard yellow??

Be you, stay glam and as always tell yourself

I love me, some ME.


aka: GlamMom2Boyz

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I am straight all of the way


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“Light as a feather, stiff as a board.” What usually comes to mind is a 2×4

That is very common when you’re working with the straight body type. There is no definition in curves from shoulder to hip; flat all of the way around like a 2×4. Most women will have little to no bust hence why many call it the boyish figure. However it is  common for the rectangle group to gain weight in the midsection, arms and upper thighs.

blogger-image-1210226823If you fall in this category you have an advantage; you can play with various textures, prints and colors. As long as you don’t over due it. What you are doing is adding an appearance of curves, waistline and volume.

To define your waist line star with a v-neck, u-neck or off the shoulder top. Then you can add a wide dark colored waist belt at your natural waistline. To determine your natural waistline bend sidewise with your hands on your hips. When you bend your torso creases and this is your natural waistline. You don’t have to always wear a waist belt, you can find tops that have an empire waistline or anything that nips at  suited waistline.

Plus Size Striped Wide Leg Jumpsuit

Plus Size Varsity Stripe Bodysuit

For curve appeal even wearing the right bra can help you out. Even if you don’t think you need one, get fitted for the right one.

Since you can play around with texture such as ruffles or a shirt that has gathers; all of this will add volume to your body shape along with adding a bit of jewelry. If you love color you are in for a treat; your possibilities of colors and prints are endless. Usually if another body shape wears prints on the tops or bottoms it will make them look too big, but for you, you’re of course trying to add that volume to your shape so try the flowers and animal prints. Simply find what works for you.
Your pants and skirts are along the same lines; bubble skirts, flare leg hem, wide leg hem, etc. the list goes on. When getting anything from shorts, pants to skirts try and find them with details. The one bottoms you want to stray away from are the low rise pants and trousers. These will elongate your torso and just might make you look smaller with less curves. Almost like the boy who got stretched out in Charlie in the Chocolate factory… Don’t be Mike T.V.

Plus Size Refuge Plaid Skinny Pants

Plus Size Tie Palazzo Pants

Any questions please feel free to ask I will answer the best that I can. I am no expert, all my information has come from what I learned from modeling, school, designing clothing myself, and styling clothes. It’s fully up to you if you agree with what I have to say or want to take all my information and use it as a base to start learning what shape you are. Even if you know more or you are a rectangle shape and you found something that works for you I encourage you to share, I take as much input and advice as the next person.

Be you, stay glam and as always tell yoursel

I love me, some ME.


aka: GlamMom2Boyz

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Layering it up as the leaves come crashing down.


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If you love it or hate it, there is nothing we can do to stop the changing of seasons. Fall is upon us and the fall of 2018 seems to be a time for layering.

Now if you’re like me layering comes pretty natural to me but I am usually light weight layering. Even in the fall and winter months I am still a bright colors, short sleeve type of  girl. Except this year I’m going to embrace my neutral colors.  I promise. I am slowly making my transition to seasonal colors.

Now you can say, don’t follow the trends, just keep being you. I am looking at it through my skin as well. My skin tone has a lot more glow during the spring and summer months. When the weather changes so does my skin tone and I can end up washing myself out physically and visually in the wrong colors. Hey, you didn’t see me going that route did you.

Here is a nice look I wore out Sunday with my sister. We still have summer weather so the sleeveless I was able to get away with but even with the red, it gave me the bit of color I was needing.

I am falling I love with a wide leg pant again and have a line up of pants I’ll be making for the changing season and I just can’t wait. It’s like I go into phases where I don’t like my own style anymore and find something new. But eventually I end up coming back to where I started from.

All the items, except necklace and shoes, I’ve worn I got from my local goodwill. Crazy right, I have been hitting jackpots lately but I am def not complaining.

Necklace: Chloe and Isabel.

Gray spaghetti strap shirt: faded glory

Vest: Peter Nygård

Pants: worthington

Purse: relic

Shoes: faded glory

Have you been out shopping at your local thrift store? If so what’s been your most awesome find?

Be you, stay glam and as always tell yourself

I love me, some ME.


aka: GlamMom2Boyz

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